Our rental fleet continues to expand and includes mobile trailers and large modular buildings with units from the largest original equipment manufacturers, including Siemens, Toshiba, and GE.
We have a variety of MRI and CT systems in our fleet, and we are continually working on expanding it as means to ensure that we can always meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.


Take a Tour in Our Rental Solutions

Take a Tour in One of Our Rental Solutions

Optimize Your Scan Capacity with a
Mobile Medical Solution from Team SMS

Hospitals and clinics are sometimes faced with unforeseen circumstances as well as temporary changes in patient flow. Scandinavian Medical provides a flexible, cost-effective solution tailored to your requirements, timeline, and budget.
Our mobile rental solutions team has extensive knowledge and many years within the industry. This ensures that our rental team will help you find the right solution for your specific need – we are with you in every step of the process.



Flexible Rental Solutions Available for Short & Long-Term Rentals


We provide diagnostic imaging equipment rental solutions for short, mid, and long-term projects: with the duration of a few weeks to six months or up to a year or more. Our solution depends solely on your specific needs.
For our short-term rental solutions, we recommend using a mobile trailer. Short-term projects typically run from a few weeks up to six months. This solution enables us to offer you a cost-efficient, fast, and flexible alternative if your hospital or clinic is experiencing temporary changes in patient flow or unforeseen circumstances such as breakdowns.
By choosing a diagnostic imaging equipment rental solution, you can reduce harmful downtime and ultimately lost revenue.




Our long-term medical solutions stand out in particular – in cooperation with you, we can custom build and adjust your solution, which means that you will receive a product that lives up to your needs and requirements.
Scandinavian Medical Solutions can, with a modular building, help ensure a proper and well-functioning working environment with a focus on good noise – and lighting conditions equivalent to a fixed installation. Our modular buildings are all designed with attention to detail.
Scandinavian Medical Solutions offers a complete 100% turn-key long-term rental solution, including:
  • Project planning
  • Site planning
  • Installation
  • System – and application training in cooperation with OEM
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
  • High-quality solutions in building with a focus on healthy and light work environments for hospital staff.
  • A fixed monthly expense – no to little internal costs (e.g., for R-F cages, air-condition, infrastructure, or facility rent.
  • Flexibility is built into the agreement if requirements change throughout the rental period.



For many, renting a mobile imaging solution can bring value to a hospital or clinic. Below, we have included information that can help you determine whether renting a mobile imaging solution is the right solution for you.
Firstly, you will need to determine your needs and requirements for a rental system. Do your needs require a state-of-the-art imaging solution for research or one for routine studies? Rental costs will differentiate, but we have solutions for every need.
How long will you need the rental solution, and is it a short – or long-term rental period? Regardless of your specific needs, Scandinavian Medical Solutions can help you explore all your options and help you find what you need.  




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