Scandinavian Medical Solutions offers a wide variety of pre-owned ultrasound machines – buying used equipment rather than new equipment does not mean you will have to compromise. By purchasing a used system, you will get an effective and cost-efficient solution for many years. 

Buying Ultrasound Machines from Scandinavian Medical Solutions

We offer a large selection of quality-tested ultrasound scanners and probes at competitive price points. We carry a wide selection of systems from the major original equipment manufacturers – including Siemens, Philips, and GE.  

Ultrasound scanners can help diagnose internal causes of pain or infection. Diagnostic ultrasound equipment utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create an internal image. Often, ultrasound scanners are used to diagnose conditions relating to heart and thyroid, as well as ultrasound examinations during pregnancy. 

If you want to view all our currently available ultrasound scanners, look through our online collection.

Please let us know if you cannot find what you are looking for – if we do not have the scanner you are currently looking for, we will do our utmost to find you the system. 

Contact our sales team directly at sales@scandianvian-medical.com or give them a call at +45 50 80 80 09.