At Scandinavian Medical Solutions, we offer a wide variety of diagnostic imaging equipment – from MRI and CT – scanners to X-Ray and PET/CT scanners. We offer PET/CTs from large Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Philips, Siemens, and GE.

The price for each used PET/CT scanner varies based on several factors including the number of slices, YOM, tube types, as well as installed software. Our experience and extensive knowledge of CT and PET/CTs ensure that you can always get assistance with choosing the right scanners that fit the exact requirements.

A combination of two imaging modalities

PET/CT scanners combine two imaging modalities – computed tomography, known as CT, and positron emission tomography, in daily speech known as PET. This unique combination provides diagnostic capabilities. A CT scanner shows detailed pictures of the organs and tissues, while a PET scan can find abnormal activity and is therefore more sensitive than other imaging tests, often PET/CTs are used to identify a variety of diseases including many types of cancer, neurological disorders, and heart disease as well as other abnormalities within the human body.

Purchasing a PET/CT scanner, regardless there are several important factors to take into consideration when looking to find the best equipment fit; one of the most important factors being the intended usage of the scanner – will your hospital primarily use the used PET/CT scanner to perform oncology or cardiology studies?

Scandinavian Medical Solutions has an extensive selection of high-quality used and refurbished PET/CT machines for sale. For additional information or guidance in finding the right system for your clinical requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team directly.

You can contact our sales team at or call us at +45 50 80 80 09.