At Scandinavian Medical Solutions, we offer a wide variety of the leading mammography systems available. We deal with all major brands within mammography – including GE, Hologic, and Siemens. 

When purchasing a mammography system, which is used exclusively for breast imaging by using relatively low doses of X-rays when producing images, there are several factors to consider.  

Mammography is an X-ray imaging method used to examine breast tissue for early detection of breast diseases – it is often used both as a diagnostic - and screening tool. By the 1960s, mammography had become a widely used diagnostic tool – and today, it continues to be the leading modality in the detection of breast cancer as it can detect changes in breast tissues even at the earliest stages. 

What to consider when purchasing Mammography?

When purchasing a mammography machine, most machines are digital – as the digitalization of mammography will help ensure an efficient workflow while making scan times faster than when scanning with an analog mammography machine.  

The price for used mammography machines varies. The price point of a digital system is – of course – higher than an analog system. But used digital systems are becoming more affordable – and we have a wide variety of used digital equipment in our inventory. 

Our selection of mammography machines typically includes scanners with and without Tomo and 3D abilities. 

From Siemens Mammomat Inspirations to GE Senographe Essential and Hologic Selenia – we have just the right system to fit your specific system requirements. 

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