At Scandinavian Medical Solutions, we have a wide range of used CT scanners from the four major brands, including CT scanners from Toshiba (now Canon), Siemens, Philips, and GE.

Our experience and extensive knowledge with CTs and other available modalities such as PET-CTs and MRI scanners ensure that you can assist you with choosing just the right scanner, which fits your exact needs and requirements for such a scanner – ensuring that you always get a high-quality and value for your buck.

Choosing a CT scanner with the right number of data slices

Are you currently looking for your next CT Solution and trying to decide, which used CT scanner is best for you? Before you choose the number of data slices should be considered. A higher slice count will help reduce scan time and produce a higher picture resolution, but a lower slice count can be sufficient for many hospitals – it all depends on your scan requirements. A 16-slice CT scanner is typically a good match for high-volume hospitals. Whereas 64-slice CTs are often used for cardiac or trauma cases, or for hospitals where time is the essence. Lastly, the 128-slice CT scanner is commonly used specifically for cardiac purposes, and such scanners can do a whole-body scan in just seconds and provide 3D images of excellent quality.

Two absolute key points to be aware of when purchasing a pre-owned or refurbished CT scanner are:

  1. What type of exams will the scanner primarily be performing?
  2. What limitations would you like to alleviate with the installation of a new, used CT scanner?
Below, you can see our currently available CT Scanners. For additional information or guidance in finding the right system for your clinical requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team directly.

You can contact our sales team at sales@scandinavian-medical.com or call us at +45 50 80 80 09.