Are you currently looking for a used C-arm? You have come to the right place. Scandinavian Medical Solutions offers a wide variety of C-arm systems. We operate from Aalborg, Denmark, but sell scanners worldwide. 

C-arm scanners are recognizable with their c-shaped arm, which connects the X-ray tube with a detector. The C-arm is very useful during surgeries and emergency procedures – with fluoroscopy technology X-ray images will become available in real-time, which allows for monitoring of progress during procedures.  

Used C-arms for sale.

In our booming inventory, you can find a variety of used C-arm systems. From GE OEC, Phillips, Siemens, and Ziehm.

There are different types of C-arms, all with individual features. The fixed C-arm (Cath Lab) delivers extremely detailed imaging, making it ideal for angiography and cardiac studies. 

Moreover, the mobile C-Arm is cost-effective compared to the traditional, fixed-place C-arm systems. The Mobile C-arms are suitable for almost every clinical application where basic fluoroscopy functionalities are needed. 

Are you interested in purchasing a C-arm system? 

Contact our sales team directly at sales@scandianvian-medical.com or give them a call at +45 50 80 80 09.