Scandinavian Medical Solutions Inc. is a reality

We are thrilled and incredibly proud to announce our plans to enter the North American market by establishing Scandinavian Medical Solutions Inc.

Over the years, we have received numerous requests from our American customers and collaborative partners to be closer to them. With this expansion and establishing a subsidiary in the US, we aim to facilitate and support one of our largest export markets even better.

By setting up Scandinavian Medical Solutions Inc., we will be able to work more closely with our American partners and provide high-quality European equipment to our American customers faster and more efficiently, making the purchasing process more accessible and straightforward.

We plan to open our US-based office early next year, with Jens Krohn as the CEO of the American business venture. At the same time, Jens Hvid Paulsen will take over as the new CEO of the Danish Scandinavian Medical Solutions A/S.

We assure you that Scandinavian Medical Solutions will continue to operate with the same values and approach to business, and our team of fantastic professionals is excited about this next chapter in our journey. Plus, our CEO's name will still be Jens!