Exciting news for Scandinavian Medical Solutions A/S: Scandinavian Medical Solutions Inc. is now a reality! 🌎 ✈️

The team has been busy with the establishment of Scandinavian Medical Solutions Inc. In January 2024, our visionary founder, Jens Krohn, embarked on a bold journey, relocating across the Atlantic Ocean to spearhead the expansion of Scandinavian Medical Solutions in the United States. Today, after months of dedication and hard work by the entire team, we are thrilled to announce that Scandinavian Medical Solutions Inc. is a reality!

We have successfully launched our US-based sales office and finalized arrangements for stock-carrying operations in California as well as organized a foreign trade-zone warehouse in Florida. This milestone underscores our commitment to meet our customers’ demands promptly and efficiently. The introduction of warehouse capacity in the United States is to enhance cost-effectiveness, providing our customers with shorter local delivery times, all while upholding the renowned Scandinavian quality they expect.

Jens Krohn expresses: "On behalf of the entire team of Scandinavian Medical Solutions, I am immensely grateful for the overwhelming interest and support received. We are excited to bring our high-quality systems and parts closer to both our existing and new customers in North and South America.

Looking ahead, Scandinavian Medical Solutions is actively working towards establishing another foreign trade-zone warehouse in Texas. These facilities will incorporate special customs procedures, adding significant value for our North and South American customers.