GE Performix HD Tube RoHS
GE Performix HD Tube RoHS
GE Performix HD Tube RoHS

GE Performix HD Tube RoHS

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Computed Tomography (CT)
Other Computed Tomography (CT)
GE Healthcare


The Performix HD ROHS is used in Computed Tomography (CT) and other medical equipments as applicable. It consists of X-Ray tube field strapping kit, oil container, quad ring, Hercules casing shipping box, plywood sheet, service tag and Turkish X-Ray tube box label. The product is made from the material which possess corrosion resistant, impact resistant, conductivity, malleability, safe and increased lifespan. It is free from dirt, dust, visible oils, grease, lint, fibers, rust, paper, and chips, cleaning solutions, machining coolant, foreign materials and other contaminants. The product is securely packaged inside a high quality packing box to avoid physical damage during transit and labeled with details about the product, Quality Assurance (QA) seal and shipment details.