GE Performix 40 Plus ECO Tube Unit

GE Performix 40 Plus ECO Tube Unit

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Computed Tomography (CT)
Optima 660
GE Healthcare


The Performix 40 Plus ECO Tube Unit is used in the X-ray machines, Computed Tomography (CT) machines, ultrasound machines and in a few other Digital Imaging (DI) devices. The assembly contains components which have a performix perenna tube as the main part with other accessories like cathode, anode, receptacle, stator, pump, accumulator, heat exchanger, oil fill plug, vibration and acoustic casing, coupling connectors, O-rings, screws, bushings, dust plug, nipple and clamps. The performix tubes are a critical part of an optimized CT system that integrates CT tube innovations with generator, detector, and system dose-management technologies to provide the flexibility and power to acquire exceptional clinical images. Using this tube, provides reliable care for the patient and the environment. It is widely being used in machines such as Proteus XR/a, Optima CT660 32/64/128-Slice, Precision Rxi, Revolution EVO 64/128-Slice, Discovery MI 15cm 3Ring, LightSpeed 7.X Pro 32-Slice, LightSpeed 3.X Ultra 8-Slice, Discovery 710 64-Slice, LightSpeed 4.X 16-Slice and many other medical diagnostic machines. They come with smooth finishing without any burrs, sharp edges, surface blemishes, sink marks and flash marks. The assembly is arranged and kept in a carrying case with the shipment label and “GOOD TO STOCK” quality seal.