GE Performix™ Ultra Tube Unit with Mounting Assembly

GE Performix™ Ultra Tube Unit with Mounting Assembly

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The Performix™ Ultra Tube Unit with Mounting Assembly is comprised of Performix LightSpeed red reloaded tube unit, gantry mounting bracket assembly, X-ray tube field strapping kit, technical publication documents, shipping container, LightSpeed gantry bolt mounting kit, focal spot compliance sheet, plywood sheet, caution label and manuals. The reloaded tube unit is fixed with the gantry by means of cap screws and lock washers. The housing holds the tube in place in the CT system and is system compatible. Performix tubes are designed for complete integration with a CT system to help ensure peak performance, image quality, excellence, dose efficiency, and optimal service life. Performix tubes are a critical part of an optimized CT system that integrates CT tube innovations with the generator, detector, and system dose-management technologies to provide flexibility and the power to acquire exceptional clinical images. The Performix™ Ultra Tube Unit is being used in HiSpeed QX/I, LightSpeed Plus, LightSpeed Ultra, LightSpeed16, BrightSpeed® Edge, BrightSpeed Excel, BrightSpeed Elite, Discovery® ST, Discovery LS, Discovery RX, Discovery PET/CT600 Discovery STE, Discovery NM/CT670 and other devices.