GE MR450 1.5T - 2011

GE MR450 1.5T - 2011

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  • Brand: GE
  • Model:  MR450
  • YOM: 2011
  • ID Number: SMS00343
  • Availability: August 2021
  • Field Strength: 1.5T
  • Channels: 32 Channels
  • Gradient Info: 200 T/m/s
  • Gradient Strength: 50 T/m
  • Magnet Type: Superconducting M7000MJ
  • Coldhead Replacement: 08/01/2016
  • Cooling: Water Cooling
  • SW Level: 0_R01_1344.a
  • SW Options: rtet, blflwmaps, asl3d, bodynav, delenhmt3d, cubet2, FLAIR3D, fgretc, probe3d, swan3d, phaseimg, ideal, lavade, vibrantde, bstataif, inhan2dtof, inhan3dpc, inhanifir, fiesta3d, fiesta3dfs, inh3dflow, probe99, sshdirfse, merge3d, edwi, propdwi, propt2, propnpw, propbody, prop, propt1flr, propt2flr, cineir, delenhmt3d, heart3d, navigator, tricks, DynR1, FR3DFSE, MPhVar, acgdplus, arc, asset, blflwmaps, bloodsupp, bravo, cine, cosmic3d, de3d, dwepi, e3dtof, epli, fastcine, fastgrass, fctlfusn, fiesta2d, fiesta2dfs, fiesta3d, fiesta3dfs, fiestac, flairepi, fse2, fsexl, ftmra, gtof, hisris, idrive, idrivePro, inlineviz, lava, lavaxv, merge2d, merge3d, pcvi, pps, quickstep, rtca, sgd, sgdperf, smartprep, special, sprep99, ssfse, ssfsemrcp, ssfsexl, t1bhold, t2bhold, threeplane, ushorttr, tensor, breast2, probep, spectro, pps, iprotect, brnwavrt, flowanal, delenhmt, psmde, MPhVar, hisris Coils: Breast 8ch, Wrist 8ch, Head 16ch, Shoulder 8ch, Torso 32ch, Knee 8ch, Flex coil

GE MR450 – General Information

The GE MR450 Discovery was designed to support short scan times as well as high resolutions. The scanner, which is a whole-body MR scanner, offers high patient comfort from beginning to end, and it was indeed built for great productivity. Lastly, the system is equipped with a short bore superconducting magnet.