GE MAXIRay™ CT VCT Tube Unit

GE MAXIRay™ CT VCT Tube Unit

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The MAXIRay™ CT VCT Tube Unit is part of the MAXIRay™ family of replacement CT tubes and is an alternative to Performix™ CT tubes. The MAXIRay family of replacement CT tubes brings image quality excellence, dose efficiency, and service life to the CT system. The tube comes with a patented tube technology with high image quality and dose efficiency. The tube is designed for complete integration with the CT system which helps to ensure peak performance. The high grade materials used for these components has good mechanical as well as chemical properties which ensure a long-life span for the components. The high quality of the components also ensures reduced downtime. The complete assembly includes MAXIRay CT VCT tube unit, field strapping kit, associated tags, quality seal, labels and country specific RoHS documents. The tube is used in LightSpeed Pro16, LightSpeed Pro32, LightSpeed VCT Select, LightSpeed RT16, LightSpeed VCT, LightSpeed VCT XTe, LightSpeed VCT XT, LightSpeed Xtra, Discovery PET/CT690, Discovery VCT, Discovery RX VCT and Discovery NM/CT570c systems.