GE MAXIRay™ CT Ultra ECO Tube Unit

GE MAXIRay™ CT Ultra ECO Tube Unit

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The Maxiray CT Ultra ECO Tube Unit is an alternative to premium Performix CT tubes. It has an excellent image quality, dose efficiency and the service life you expect. The tube unit is checked for leaks at the full assembly level, before the oil is added. After tube is assembled, a continuity measurement of the thermal switch and pressure switch circuit is required to ensure proper operation. The focal spot centroid position shall be determined for each measurement point at 3 points and plotted against the focal spot camera position. These tube units are assembled in 16 configurations. They incorporate an external circulating pump and an external two-pass heat exchanger. The Maxiray CT reloaded tube unit is used in CT LightSpeed 1.X QXI 4-Slice, CT Discovery CT750HD 64-Slice, CT LightSpeed 1.X QXI 4-Slice, CT LightSpeed 2.X Plus 4-Slice, CT LightSpeed 1.X QXI 4-Slice and many other products.