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Being able to support the high-quality medical imaging equipment around the world and prolong the life of the delivered systems to our customers is part of our DNA.
We believe that high-quality medical imaging equipment is for everyone and providing access to spare parts is, therefore, a high priority for us.

Providing our customers and partners around the world with access to spare parts for already installed equipment is of utmost importance for us.
Are you not able to locate the specific parts that you need in our inventory?
Be sure to reach out to our team with your specific request.


Transparent search bar - is it possible to make it filter the catalog?
when they search for shg specific, we apologize and tell them to make a request

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Our Aftersales Values

Quality Management, Knowledge, and Trust

The management of spare parts requires a high level of quality assurance. This is based on our years of industry experience and knowledge, and the reason why our customers trust us.


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