MRI Scanners

Scandinavian Medical Solutions has a wide range of used MRI scanners available for purchase. We have different types of used MRI scanners for sales – of course from all major brands including Philips, GE, Siemens, and Toshiba (Canon). We have systems ranging up to 3 Tesla.
The price for each used MRI scanner varies based on several factors including number of channels, gradient type, and field strength as well as the software installed.
Choosing the right MRI Scanner
When being in the process of purchasing a new MRI system, finding the best scanner for the patients really depends on the primary usage, time, and costs. For example, 1.5T MRI scanners produce quality imaging results. However, if the primary usage of the scanner is to do brain scans for instance, or if the hospital has a high volume of patients – making speed important – then the image clarity as well as time savings due to the 3T will shorten the scan times.
Furthermore, pre-owned MRI scanners come in varying sizes. The closed bore MRIs are usually high field systems with great image quality and speed and the magnet strength can vary from 1.0T up to 3.0 – and the bore size is often not more than 60 cm. The wide bore MRIs combines the benefits of a closed bore MRI with more space inside the bore area of the scanner – such scanner can still deliver high magnet strength, and excellent image quality. Such models are ideal for larger patients, and the patient comfort is increased compared to a 60cm opening. Lastly, the open bore MRI scanners are, as the name implies, open on the sides – ranging from 3 to 4 open sides – for these machines, the magnet size is lower resulting in reduced image quality when compared to closed bore MRI scanners.
Below, you can see our currently available used MRI Scanners. For additional information or guidance in finding the right system for your clinical requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team directly.
You can contact our sales team on or call us at +45 6055 6090


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