Meet the key people

Here you will find all of the key people at SMS. We have an expert team who are always on hand to help you with all your pre-owned medical imaging equipment needs.

Key people at Scandinavian Medical Solutions heading up the SMS team.

Meet the C-levels.

 Jens Krohn - CEO and Founder
Jens Krohn
CEO and Founder
Jens has more than 12 years of experience as head of sales.
M. +45 60 55 60 90
E. jens.krohn(at)
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 Jens Paulsen - CPO
Jens Paulsen
CPO and Partner
Jens has 11 years of experience as purchasing manager.
M. +45 53 70 11 38
E. jens.paulsen(at)
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Meet the other team members.

 Martin - Head Of Sales

Martin Lind
Head of Sales
M. +45 53 50 58 21
E. martin.lind(at)
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 Mikkel Visti - Warehouse Manager
Mikkel Visti
Warehouse Manager
M. +45 22 15 88 10
E. mikkel.visti(at)
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 Mathias Flinta on Linkedin
Mathias Flinta
Head of Data & Analytics & IT
E. mathias.flinta(at)
Mathias Flinta on Linkedin

 Troels Vad Rasmussen
Troels Anker Vad
Business Unit Manager Aftersales
M. +45 20 92 41 23
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 Lotte - Back Office Manager
Lotte Sylvest Holm
Back Office Manager
M. +45 40 53 40 40
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 Martin Høi - Purchasing Nordic Countries
Martin Høi
Purchasing Nordic Countries
M. +45 24 41 53 58
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Torben - Head of Medical Solutions
Torben Fründ
Head of Medical Solutions
M. +45 25 31 80 80
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Maria Kolditz - Purchase Assistant
Maria Rothgarn
Purchase Assistant
E. maria.kolditz(at)
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 Jesper Trude - E-Commerce Consultant
Jesper Trude
E-Commerce Consultant
E. jesper.trude(at)
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 Mads Søndberg - Marketing Consultant
Mads Søndberg
Marketing Consultant
M. +71 96 56 37
E. mads(at)
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