Let’s Talk About CT X-Ray Tubes

CT X-Ray Tube is a ring-shaped tube which, during the CT imaging, rotates around the patient’s body and collects multiple images from different angles. The captured pictures then provide a detailed 3D view of the inside of the patient’s body.
The difference between a CT scan and a simple X-ray machine is that the traditional X-ray uses a fixed tube and points at one spot. The X-rays are then absorbed in different amounts by different tissues of the body. On the final (2D) picture you can then distinguish higher density tissues by whiter image against the black background.
Tubes in a CT scanner are probably the most important feature you should look at when choosing a CT scanner. The most common mistake of the buyers is that they focus on the cost of maintenance and service rather than on the features and capabilities. However, the costs of replacing the tube can the ROI of the machine tremendously.
Therefore, whether you are in need for a new tube now or you are simply getting ready for the day you will, we are here. Do not hesitate to contact our Parts team. We offer tubes from various manufacturers including GE, Siemens, Canon (Toshiba), and Philips. We are ready to help and will find you the right tube for the best price.
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