Mobile X-ray

At Scandinavian Medical Solutions, we offer a wide variety of diagnostic imaging equipment – from larger systems such as MRI and CT scanners and smaller diagnostic imaging equipment such as Mammography, ultrasound, and X-ray scanners. 

When selecting a new, but used, X-ray machine, it is important to consider whether the scanner should be mobile, ceiling-mounted, or floor-mounted. 

Mobile X-Ray Scanners

Mobile digital x-ray equipment can bring imaging to any room – wherever it is needed. Such a system reduces the need to move patients around hospitals for X-ray scans. Mobile X-ray equipment is useful for standard X-ray scans and is a great imaging tool for diagnosis. 

Deciding whether to choose a mobile X-ray or a fixed site solution? Talk to one of our experts and get a more affordable solution than when purchasing a new system – without compromising the quality. We are always here to help. 

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