We are happy to introduce you to our new colleague

We are happy to introduce you to our new colleague, Ernst-Torben Wilhelm Fründ, who joined our team on the 1st of March 2022, in the position as Head of Medical Solutions for Scandinavian Medical Solutions

Torben has a unique profile. He is a highly experienced Medical Physicist (MRI) with a demonstrated history of working in the academic hospital environment, the healthcare industry, and related research communities. Torben is very skilled in Healthcare IT, MRI, CT, and especially imaging processing (functional cardiac MRI, Fluid Dynamics, and Artificial Intelligence). 

With his impressive background, Toben has a unique understanding of the clinical aspect, which will ensure that our customers receive solutions tailored to their specific requirements, needs, and situation. 

Torben is, without a doubt, a fantastic addition to our team. He is a team player, driven, and experienced, and we are convinced that his skills and extensive clinical experience will match the strategies in the launching of our new initiatives.