Scandinavian Medical Solutions Celebrates 3 Years

Three years ago, Jens Krohn established Scandinavian Medical Solutions to make used high-end diagnostic imaging equipment available for patients all around the world. We know that our solutions can make a real difference for many people, and we are eager to continue our work. Therefore, our third year in business became the year, where Scandinavian Medical Solutions was converted from a private limited company to a public Limited Company - a decision made to ensure the continuous growth of our company. 

You are keeping us busy, and we enjoy every second of it! Our warehouse has calculated just how much material they have used over the last 6 months alone. Ready?

✅ 2.843,2 square meters of sheets of wood, which is enough to wrap half of the London Tower.
✅ 14.400 screws, which is over 1 kilometer if put in a straight line.
✅ 20.000 nails, which is 20 times the number of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
✅ 1.200 meters of strapping tool, which is the height of 4 (!!) Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other.

That is a whole lot of material, huh?

 The entire team of SMS looks forward to the future.